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Silagi Development & Management (SDM) invests in value-add commercial properties across all asset classes nationally. Focused on distressed real estate, SDM looks for quality properties which are strategically located within a given market. We are also conservative to moderate in our use of financing. SDM is focused on investment return, while mitigating market exposure and downside.

Distressed Properties

SDM focuses on acquiring properties that are partially or fully vacant, situated strategically within second and third tier markets for strong value creation and disposition.

Development Opportunities

SDM looks to capitalize on development opportunities such as:

  • Raw/ un-entitled land
  • In fill land
  • Bank owned and/or unfinished properties

Leasing Strategy

SDM looks to create value with our real estate by securing long term leases, with credit-worthy tenants.

Asset Management & Tenant Retention

SDM manages ninety percent of its holdings in house, thereby interacting with its tenants and vendors on a daily basis. This allows SDM to keep costs low, while keeping tenant satisfaction and retention high.